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QHHT Session Review with Jun

Client Testimonials

What People Say about the session with Jun

Thank you Jun for guidance in this wonderful session. I felt so much love and confidence. Now I know that beyond the material world there is home. After the session I feel that I am never alone and never will be. I am so lucky to have you in Sweden, Jun, I am blessed. 🙏

Ruxandra - Business Owner

My interest for Past Life Regression techniques and Quantum Healing had been sparked the past weeks. I was overly excited to learn that there is a practictioner close to where I live. When I visited Jun's website I had immediately a good feeling, and after having contacted her we arranged soon after a session to take place. I prepared by keeping an open mind and worked on establishing trust for being able to get in touch with my highest self for the day on which we would meet. When we met for the session it was as if I had met a sister or someone I knew, the contact and her genuine interest and love for her work and for people made it really easy to connect. During the session it was really easy to get into seeing visions and her guidance was very supportive. Hours passed and with great vigilance Jun followed me through my experiences and allowed me to feel completely safe and held. We spoke for long afterwards and I was more than happy to have met this starseed soul that is so light, dynamic and loving. The days after I experienced feeling golden, people told me I look very refreshened and I was in general on a high, feeling in my highest self and in the strength of feeling homecome. Thank you dear Jun for preparing such a wonderful session for me, I am honored to have been subject to your attention and I wish everyone could be able to experience this love that one experiences when visiting ones true self. I am definitely coming back for a new session!

Nathalie - PhD Student

My First Quantum Healing with Jun was absolutely unforgettable. The experience was one of my best memory of questing hidden truth. At first I was taking her session for another purpose but we ended up with such a unique experience which I started remembering my abduction experience when I was a baby. While I was taking her session, Huge UFO showed up and my body started being floated. I was really worried about Jun will be panic if I will be completely disappeared. I even concerned about her next day.. Anyway I loved her session & it went very successful ! I recommend to take her session for sure!

Karma - Dancer

I can highly recommend Jun for a session, she is so nice to talk to and she makes the interview part very smooth and natural. It is a very easy transition to get into a secure and safe feeling for the next part of the session. She is flexible and experienced and she knows how to ask the right questions and lead the way so the client gets the most benefit out of the session. I am thankful and happy that I found Jun!

Petra - Artist

It was very fascinating that I can tap into my higher high level of consciousness with the help and guidance of Jun . That I can see my past lives that were necessary as a human like or were not necessarily on this planet with a different type of form from a spritual level . In my session with jun in my past lives I’m a form of a beautiful unicorn 🦄 who is content with her white kingdom, a male lion who protect his family and an old women who live in a Second World War. I discovered also that I’m so connected to nature especially in trees and plants they are my guidance too. I had really really fascinating stories .  Jun is very good practitioner and amazing women . She is very comfortable and very easy to be with . This is very healing experience for me. I can highly recommend Jun and it so incredible to be in touch with your higher self and heal your self.

Lindsay - Housewife

I had a QHHT sessions with Jun and it was truly remarkable.  I am humbled and grateful when I think about who came through, with Jun's guidance and asking the right questions I received the right help and healing in resolving physical pain symptoms and unhealthy habbits.  I can honestly say this session helped me connect and stay connected with my higher self (my subconscious).
If you’re on your spiritual path and you’re looking for guidance – QHHT is a great tool to help you connect with your true self and Jun is the right practitioner to guide you through the process.

Joice - Property Manager

Thank you very much for a great session yesterday!
It was an amazing experience and I could receive a lot of advice. Jun is a wonderful therapist! Please continue what you are doing so that a lot more people can get the same experience I had yesterday.  I can't thank enough for Jun for this experience!

Lucy  - Actress

I listened to the recording and could not believe what I heard!! During the session, I was able to see the face of the person speaking and heard it with the different voice, but the recorded voice was my own voice (^ ^) It ’s a little embarrassing to hear me talking strangely with my own voice.

When I was connected to the higher self, it was a very interesting experience as he was throwing energy and looking for similar energy words from my memory. It was like a totally Zen style question and answer!

Now I know where my thoughts came from. (LOL) I am craving for love from mother and other people! Although it is hard to accept that  “I can not enjoy this world” with the advice of the higher self (because I am not supposed to be here!) , I decided to make an effort to show my true self little by little. I had a great experience. Thank you very much, Jun!

Kelly - Nurse

Thank you very much for your valuable time and experience I received today, Jun. The conversation with you was already a great time for me, and I think I was able to speak without hesitation because of your's kindness and openness. Your work was more like “save” than “help” for me. In fact, I had a great feeling of being saved by sharing the pain with you.If you were the person who thinks with only brain, I could never open my heart to you.I would have regretted it even if I talked to you.

I wanted to talk a little more today, but I missed my dog so much! 

he was waiting when I went home (laughs). I have learned so much about

love from my dog!

It was an interesting experience, and it ’s still a strange feeling (laughs)

I'm so glad to contact you and had a session with you! Thank you so much.

Micky - Cleaning Company Owner

Jun is a dedicated and well experienced therapist who thoroughly enjoys her work and is committed to the well being of her clients. My session was incredible!  Amazing and long lasting effects.  I don’t quite understand how the images and sensations came to the surface but it was quite an eye opener. After the session, I have gotten peace and a better understanding of who I am and my presence in the universe. I think I became calmer, and more insightful. 
Yes, I wish we could continue our sessions.  Remarkable.

Carey  CEO - Defense Technology

I have believed in the previous life since my childhood. I think that the human body is like a car, and soul comes back with a new car again and again. I knew that knowing the memories of the previous life would help this life, and therefore, I wanted to experience Hypnotherapy. During the session, I felt like having a dream while awake. It was very comfortable. After the session, I was tired like after working for all day, but I felt really refreshing next morning. Conversation with Jun during the session was very pleasant and comfortable.  It felt like I was flying into many scenes in a dream.The place was mainly Germany and Austria. I was poor but always worked hard and honest. I had a younger sister who was always worried about me. I think that child may be my mother or my wife in this life. 
After the session, my life has changed a lot. I stopped filing bankruptcy I was planning before. 
This is the result of following my intuition. At the same time, I did not change to the job I was thinking. It was the result of dialogue with my own higher self.
I am rebuilding my life little by little. I would recommend Jun if there are people who are interested to know about past life or accessing to own higher self. I would like to receive another session again. Thank you, Jun!

Tom  - Restaurant Owner

Thank you very much for the long session. It was a mysterious and very interesting experience that words came out of my mouth without my intention.  After the session, I feel more positive, and I feel that I can start working hard from tomorrow. I will be more positive everyday. Thank you very much!

Feather, Accountant

After the session, now I understand the root cause of the feelings I feel in my daily life. The feeling of guilt when I am dealing with people came from the fear that I would take something from others again. It was a precious experience that made me think about what it is to live when I felt my obsession with living. 

In this session, I am sure that Jun will give you an amazing experience to be aware of various things. Thank you so much for the great session!

Yuri - psychotherapist

The session with Jun started by laying down on the sofa. It was a very relaxing feeling. Jun guided me to feel more relaxed and I felt like becoming my true self. I met Higher Self during the session and asked various questions prepared in advance. Higher Self has answered to all the questions. In fact, before the session, I answered all the questions myself and made notes. But Higher self's response was about 60% different from mine! That was the very interesting fact. It is really fun to talk with my higher self and I wish I could always talk like this. Communicating with Higher Self in Hypnotherapy was very easy. Also, I learned how to connect to my higher self and understood the feeling of interacting with it. I thought it was very interesting to experience this. Thank you


Yuria - Restaurant business

Thank you for a wonderful session I wish I can do another one with you. We have more work to do together in the near future and I look forward,  if you are available I have a dear friend who's interested in have a session! 

I'm in the middle of listening the recording and had to email you to let you know this is so powerful. 

Judy - Jewelry Designer

This was my first experience with QHHT, in fact my first encounter with hypnosis ever, and it's difficult to put into words what a mind blowing experience this was. A real game changer, that's for sure.
Having gone from being a total sceptic of anything spiritual to having a QHHT session has been quite the journey, but one worth taking a million times over. Jun is an absolute professional, and makes you feel calm and very much at ease.
Jun, you're an absolute gem! Thanks for a great session.


I had a session with Jun in May. Today is December and I would like to share my experience.
Jun is an amazing person. She took the time to make me feel comfortable, explain the process and answer all my questions before we got started. It felt very comfortable to do the past life regression with Jun.

The whole session was an amazing experience and for the first time in my life I understood why some parts of my life are the way that they are. And after the regression I did not have to work to change them, it simply changed on it's own. Today I feel free and calm within myself and I am sure that would not have happened if I had not done this session with Jun.
I have also had a lof of pain in my feet for nearly 10 years. The pain is slowly going away and today I can walk long distances without feeling the pain (another thing that the session helped me with).
I highly recommed a session with Jun, it will be life chaninging. I definitely know that I will be back again within a couple of months!


I had a really good session with Jun, she is really attentive and interested in her clients. Apart from the actual session, we had great discussions for a long time both before and after which really made me feel comfortable, seen, heard, and connected with her.
During the actual hypnosis stage, I had some interesting experiences. To be honest, afterward and even partly during the hypnosis, my ego was like "Ok, this was an interesting experience but this isn't gonna result in any real changes", but lo and behold, the day after I started noticing a strong shift in my outlook - I felt much more in tune with my body, my mind was calmer, and I felt a much greater inspiration towards life than I did before the session. Not only that but my feet that had been hurting for years, which my higher conscious (aka me in the hypnosis state" identified at stored feelings that had to be released and which were subsequently released during the session, had stopped hurting!
All of these effects are as noticeable today, several weeks later, as they were the days after the session. I can now wear my new shoes and I don't even need my shoe insoles anymore, which brings me a great feeling of freedom as I love to walk, explore and meet people for several hours a day.
The whole process was to beautifully intuitive - I was first drawn to Dolores Cannons books, where I started crying when I found them on Amazon which immediately told me "this is it, this is the next step in my journey". I then googled, found Jun located in my area, and now I'm here. Doubting intuition, guidances, and the magic of the world is now in the past for me, and my experience with Jun was a big part of me reaching this point. Thanks again Jun, I know you will help plenty of more people in your life which warms my heart!


It has been more than two weeks since my hypnosis session, enough time for my feelings and thoughts to have peacefully settled. This was my third experience with hypnosis, first with past life therapy.
I vehemently encourage anyone considering to let go of any fears and try it out: "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." For me, it did not feel like an overwhelming revelation but a series of confirmations and insights into attitudes, ideas, experiences, traumas accumulated throughout this life and others. Many conversations with family, friends, other people, books and short reports read, own experiences and passions and ideas, certainties I could not possibly have and inner doubts only my conscious mind stubbornly keeps holding on to. Philosophy, spirituality, nature, hardcore science, and - above all - intuition: all pieces of a same puzzle which so far seemed all so stranded and disconnected but now started to come into place so that the big picture gradually becomes less fuzzy. My session with Jun was surely an important step in an already ongoing personal path of discovery, growth, knowledge, enlightenment, of the self and of reality around and beyond the limitations of human senses.
Jun was welcoming since the very first contact, meeting her felt like rekindling with an old acquainted (maybe?), and all this to no negative consequence to the level of professionalism one expects and needs for such an experience. One is in good hands. I will likely be back - and I mean it in this life!

Nuno- dreamer, biologist & translator

My session with Jun was amazing and I enjoyed it immensely. She is the embodiment of love and light. Jun listens with her whole heart and I felt the immediate connection with her. I could speak my mind freely and our session which lasted several hours felt like minutes. With Jun's guidance (QHHT), I stepped into my Higher Self and felt so much LOVE. There was healing and letting go of what no longer serves my soul's purpose. I truly recommend Jun if you are looking to go deeper in your spiritual journey here on earth, to know who you are and how to live an authentic life!

Angela Lee

If you have repetitive patterns of certain experiences and feelings that never seemed to make any sense, and maybe you have, just like me, put a lot of efforts to finding out what was wrong with you so that you can fix it, then I highly recommend a QHHT session with Yun. You'll receive important information and get a clearer picture of your life so far. The biggest thing for me was to understand that there's nothing wrong with me, nothing to fix. I can't even describe the level of healing that has happened in just a few days since my session. Thank you, Yun!


Jun! Glad to have you here in Malmö!
I did my first session with Jun, I was a bit nervous didnt know what to expect and being a person that Always controll Everything in Life this was a totally new expirience for me! Jun was all i thought she would be, by just looking at her Picture i knew she was the right person to cantact. Like i said my first session and i felt i coudnt let it go like i wanted it but this is not my last session, ill come back but furst i have some homework to do and prepare and train my consciousness better. I am overwhelmed by the result, some outcomes was really unexpected! It was a very good experience and i recommend it to everybody. We all have things we are carrying arround not awaring of it./BZ-Malmö

Hej! Detta var min första session och det var en riktigt bra upplevelse, vissa delar var otippade och jag blev helt förstummad att det tog den vändningen men allt som skedde har fört med sig ett positivt resultat och jag är jätteglad att jag gick till Jun. Hon är en riktigt god människa och har en härlig personlighet. Jag rekommenderar henne starkt. Jag kände enbart trygghet med henne. Nästa gång ska jag vara mer tränad och släppa helt på mitt kontrollbehov så får jag bättre kontakt men det är något jag måste jobba med mig själv om. Vilken upplevelse! BZ-Malmö


After my past life regression I was very confused for a couple of days. Because it was so much information that I got. Eventually everything sunk in and it started to make sense.

Then my life started to change. I got in to the school that I wanted and I meet a person from past life, who I describe in my session. It was just easy to become friends and the relationship became deep, so we now about our traumas and are very open for each other.

All of this just moved me to take care of my traumas, the person pushed me and was by my side all along. So I released my childhood traumas from myself. So no I am free, finally after many years. The beautiful thing about that was when I opened up about myself to people around me, they did the same. So we helped and healed each other.

The session was a hugh help for me so I could move on and understand more about myself.
Now when so much have happened in so short of a time I'm so amazed.

Thanks to June for her help.



I have tried hypnosis sessions a couple of times before and wasn't able to connect, so to speak. Part of the problem was that I had too much of an expectation of how a session should go, also not feeling completely comfortable with the facilitator, etc. Jun is a very nice person and so I felt very comfortable with her. She was also VERY patient and let me know me that I needed to get out of my box. From the session with Jun, I have learned that we have the answers within ourselves, and she can help get them out by gently guiding you. Highly recommend it!!


The session with Jun was very good. I tell you why: her gentle approach ment that I felt very safe during my session, and before the session, she asked me to do some work with questions and it felt like she is very serious, and she is! The session takes the whole day, and I felt that I could tell her everything that was on my heart, and during the session it was valuable information to really dig into the higher self. I recieved many answers, but also new information. I can definitely recommend her to do your session, when you are ready for it. She is also a lovely person, and we became friends immidiately.


I have had the privilege and honor to have received a wonderful session with Jun. My session with her lasted about 5 hours but in the session it seemed to only have lasted less than an hour. It was mind blowing how time flew so fast!! Jun’s gentle and soothing voice really helped me feel safe during the session that I had no difficulty surrendering to her guidance and discovered so many fascinating awareness about self and the universe!! My session with Jun was so incredibly eye opening for me that I am and will always be grateful to her. Thank you Jun for helping me and others through your work. I am forever changed for the better after this awakening session with you.





Sanae - Customer Service

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