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Assisting the path of spiritual awakening

Meet your higher self and receive the answer for your questions!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis can help your spiritual awakening by tapping into your higher self and the universal energy. Time is accelerating and take an opportunity to heal your hidden wound with Jun now! This makes you find the life you want sooner and no need to turn back any longer because you will understand the reasons for your concerns in your life .  Jun is here to assist you for your journey to the quantum field.


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More About Jun Yoshikawa Tedin

You are your best friend and you want to give her/him the best possible life and happiness you can!

Have you reached the point that you are stuck with an issue and can not figure it out, can not move on, or are seeking to know the purpose of life?  Do you keep repeating the same pattern of life, relationship or career and you can not get out from it? Are you having some physical issues or addiction problems and do not know how to handle? All of these can be the reasons that preventing you from performing at your best.  Jun is here to help you. Jun uses various healing modalities such as QHHT (Advanced level 2 practitioner), Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reiki (Usui Reiki Master) and Spirit releasement therapy. She is based in the Southern Sweden Malmö, Copenhagen/Denmark area. She also gives sessions in the USA or Japan or all over the world via Zoom or Skype. She has been assisting clients find their purpose of life and spiritual awakening journey on the earth. 

When you consult with Jun, she will facilitate a session that allows for your own self-mastery, enabling you to gain insight and heal yourself by guiding you to past life and contacting your higher self and beyond.

Don’t wait - reach out today and take the first step towards your new life and abundance of possibilities and happiness. It will be the best gift to yourself for sure. 

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What People Say

Thank you Jun for guidance in this wonderful session. I felt so much love and confidence. Now I know that beyond the material world there is home. After the session I feel that I am never alone and never will be. I am so lucky to have you in Sweden, Jun, I am blessed. 🙏

Ruxandra - Business Owner

My interest for Past Life Regression techniques and Quantum Healing had been sparked the past weeks. I was overly excited to learn that there is a practictioner close to where I live. When I visited Jun's website I had immediately a good feeling, and after having contacted her we arranged soon after a session to take place. I prepared by keeping an open mind and worked on establishing trust for being able to get in touch with my highest self for the day on which we would meet. When we met for the session it was as if I had met a sister or someone I knew, the contact and her genuine interest and love for her work and for people made it really easy to connect. During the session it was really easy to get into seeing visions and her guidance was very supportive. Hours passed and with great vigilance Jun followed me through my experiences and allowed me to feel completely safe and held. We spoke for long afterwards and I was more than happy to have met this starseed soul that is so light, dynamic and loving. The days after I experienced feeling golden, people told me I look very refreshened and I was in general on a high, feeling in my highest self and in the strength of feeling homecome. Thank you dear Jun for preparing such a wonderful session for me, I am honored to have been subject to your attention and I wish everyone could be able to experience this love that one experiences when visiting ones true self. I am definitely coming back for a new session!

Nathalie - PhD Student

I had a beyond quantum healing online session with Jun from a comfort of my own home in Australia, while she was in Sweden. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the session as I had never really done meditation or hypnotherapy before, let alone many hours of WiFi connection without interruption. I had never considered myself as being spiritual either. However, to my surprise it worked perfectly well. There was hardly any time relapse and disconnection during our session and I felt as if she was just sitting beside me.

I still don’t quite understand the connection to my higher self but I feel that the session has allowed me to connect my inner self and be able to use positive energy to live the life I have wanted. It is hard to pin point what and how things started to change, but since the session my life has been improving so much in many aspects: I am ever happier, healthier, financially in a better position, and definitely more at peace, despite in the midst of crazy world with COVID-19. I cannot thank Jun enough for the change she has brought in to my life. I would highly recommend Jun to anyone, who is thinking of Beyond Quantum Healing Online sessions.

YP from Australia

I have had the privilege and honor to have received a wonderful session with Jun. My session with her lasted about 5 hours but in the session it seemed to only have lasted less than an hour. It was mind blowing how time flew so fast!! Jun’s gentle and soothing voice really helped me feel safe during the session that I had no difficulty surrendering to her guidance and discovered so many fascinating awareness about self and the universe!! My session with Jun was so incredibly eye opening for me that I am and will always be grateful to her. Thank you Jun for helping me and others through your work. I am forever changed for the better after this awakening session with you.


Jun is a very warm,friendly and gentle person, as soon as you meet her
there is a sense of fully beeing taking care of. You can fully relax and trust her
and her entourage (on and off I got a sense of other beeings accompanied her
during my session with her) it felt so good. Jun is one of a kind practitioner
that you rarely find. If you ever got the idea of trying a QHHT-session don´t
miss out, here is your golden oppertunity. Go for it !


The beyond quantum healing by Jun Yoshikawa was a great experience.
I could connect to myself in higher-dimension.
I received answers and many questions were settled.
Especially I found my daughter came from the star far from here, so I listen to her advice as existence from higher-dimension after the session.
She stopped going to school at 14 years old.
I wanted to know the real reason for long time.
She came here to raise the earth’s wave. She is a pure soul.
If you have problems and difficulties with your children, I recommend the beyond quantum healing.  
I live in Japan, so session was performed on line.
It was perfect. You can receive this healing from any place in the world.
I hope you experience this healing and you find solutions.





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