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Jun Yoshikawa Tedin

 QHHT® Past Life Regression

Assisting you on a journey from past life to the higher realm;
the knowledge of everything

Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM (QHHT®), a transformational technique developed by world-renowned hypnotherapist, author, and teacher Dolores Cannon. QHHT is not just a past life regression; this technique takes you beyond the normal past life regression to the higher realm where understanding and healing can occur. We are able to ask any questions to this part of you and receive answers and even healing.


QHHT Past Life Regression - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
may be for you if you are wondering about;

  • What is my life purpose?

  • Why am I here?

  • Why do I experience repeating patterns or similar relationships?

  • I am curious about my past lives.

  • What is the karmic relationship with my parents?

  • Do I carry karma from my past life? Who was together with me before and in this life?

  • Why do I have a pain,  illness?

  • Why do I have chronic physical or mental problems?

  • Why am I confused about my life?

  • I want guidance from my Higher Self.

  • I want to know the answer to my life.

  • I want to change a part of my life that is making me unhappy.

  • I need help navigating a difficult relationship or situation.

  • I want to be the best version of myself.

  • Which path or career should I take?

  • I am wondering about afterlife

  • Curious about how the Universe works.

  • I am curious about future life or event.

  • Worry about my kids, partner etc.

All questions are valid and there is nothing foolish to ask your higher self.


When you ask a question, your higher self (which Dolores calls your subconscious) already knows the answer and is just waiting for you to take the opportunity to ask and listen.


More About Jun Yoshikawa Tedin

QHHT Session opens the door to the portal of all-knowing.

Why do I know that? Because it happened to me! 

Jun uses her intuitive guidance, an integrative, holistic, heart-centered approach, with compassion. By using the tools and techniques she has gained in her life, she can provide her clients the information, support and healing they need to help them live a fulfilled life.


Jun is a Level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – Dolores Cannon method) practitioner. She is currently working on her Level 3 certification to become a pure QHHT provider. Additionally, she is a Reiki master and Past Life Regression hypnotist. Jun holds a master's degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysics and a Bachelor's Degree in Business.


What My clients Say

Thank you Jun for guidance in this wonderful session. I felt so much love and confidence. Now I know that beyond the material world there is home. After the session I feel that I am never alone and never will be. I am so lucky to have you in Sweden, Jun, I am blessed. 🙏

Ruxandra - Business Owner

My interest for Past Life Regression techniques and Quantum Healing had been sparked the past weeks. I was overly excited to learn that there is a practictioner close to where I live. When I visited Jun's website I had immediately a good feeling, and after having contacted her we arranged soon after a session to take place. I prepared by keeping an open mind and worked on establishing trust for being able to get in touch with my highest self for the day on which we would meet. When we met for the session it was as if I had met a sister or someone I knew, the contact and her genuine interest and love for her work and for people made it really easy to connect. During the session it was really easy to get into seeing visions and her guidance was very supportive. Hours passed and with great vigilance Jun followed me through my experiences and allowed me to feel completely safe and held. We spoke for long afterwards and I was more than happy to have met this starseed soul that is so light, dynamic and loving. The days after I experienced feeling golden, people told me I look very refreshened and I was in general on a high, feeling in my highest self and in the strength of feeling homecome. Thank you dear Jun for preparing such a wonderful session for me, I am honored to have been subject to your attention and I wish everyone could be able to experience this love that one experiences when visiting ones true self. I am definitely coming back for a new session!

Nathalie - PhD Student

I had a really good session with Jun, she is really attentive and interested in her clients. Apart from the actual session, we had great discussions for a long time both before and after which really made me feel comfortable, seen, heard, and connected with her.
During the actual hypnosis stage, I had some interesting experiences. To be honest, afterward and even partly during the hypnosis, my ego was like "Ok, this was an interesting experience but this isn't gonna result in any real changes", but lo and behold, the day after I started noticing a strong shift in my outlook - I felt much more in tune with my body, my mind was calmer, and I felt a much greater inspiration towards life than I did before the session. Not only that but my feet that had been hurting for years, which my higher conscious (aka me in the hypnosis state" identified at stored feelings that had to be released and which were subsequently released during the session, had stopped hurting!
All of these effects are as noticeable today, several weeks later, as they were the days after the session. I can now wear my new shoes and I don't even need my shoe insoles anymore, which brings me a great feeling of freedom as I love to walk, explore and meet people for several hours a day.
The whole process was to beautifully intuitive - I was first drawn to Dolores Cannons books, where I started crying when I found them on Amazon which immediately told me "this is it, this is the next step in my journey". I then googled, found Jun located in my area, and now I'm here. Doubting intuition, guidances, and the magic of the world is now in the past for me, and my experience with Jun was a big part of me reaching this point. Thanks again Jun, I know you will help plenty of more people in your life which warms my heart!


I have tried hypnosis sessions a couple of times before and wasn't able to connect, so to speak. Part of the problem was that I had too much of an expectation of how a session should go, also not feeling completely comfortable with the facilitator, etc. Jun is a very nice person and so I felt very comfortable with her. She was also VERY patient and let me know me that I needed to get out of my box. From the session with Jun, I have learned that we have the answers within ourselves, and she can help get them out by gently guiding you. Highly recommend it!!


Jun is a very warm,friendly and gentle person, as soon as you meet her
there is a sense of fully beeing taking care of. You can fully relax and trust her
and her entourage (on and off I got a sense of other beeings accompanied her
during my session with her) it felt so good. Jun is one of a kind practitioner
that you rarely find. If you ever got the idea of trying a QHHT-session don´t
miss out, here is your golden oppertunity. Go for it !


This was my first experience with QHHT, in fact my first encounter with hypnosis ever, and it's difficult to put into words what a mindblowing experience this was. A real game changer, that's for sure.
Having gone from being a total sceptic of anything spiritual to having a QHHT session has been quite the journey, but one worth taking a million times over. Jun is an absolute professional, and makes you feel calm and very much at ease.
Jun, you're an absolute gem! Thanks for a great session.





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