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Common Questions

Who should have a QHHT session?

Anyone having any problems or wondering! There are no restrictions and everyone who is interested in oneself and wants to improve his/her quality of life. Many people have problems with health, relationship, career or life. Or some people are interested in their past life, the universe, future, their spirit guides and more!

QHHT Hypnotherapy is a great tool to discover yourself and improve your life effortlessly!

What does hypnosis feel like?

You will feel like taking a nice nap or dreaming. We actually go there at least twice a day; right before you wake up and the moment before you fall asleep. Many clients are aware of what is going on. After the session, many express that they have had an interesting trip in their dream.

Will I say something I do not want to say?

Your subconscious talks many things about you. However, it understands you very well and does not talk about anything which may harm you. You will hear only something you need to hear at that time to understand the situation. So do not worry, you can sit back and relax!

Can I go back to normal after the session?

Yes. I am trained to bring you back to your current place in time and space. Don't worry, you will be back without any problems.

Does the session affect my depression?

First of all, I am not a medical professional. However, I can tell you from my experience that so often that most physical or mental problems come from within. We will access to your subconscious mind (higher self) or even more divine spirits you are connected with and find out about the cause and ask for the healing.  We often see the magical results once they understand the causes and learn how to balance all the energies affecting their life.

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