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QHHT Session - Young woman who can talk to animals and angels

This video is about one past life of a young girl who lived in a castle during a medieval period. She talks about how her life is and the relationship with parents, people working for the family, animals and angels. She has a natural gift to be able to communicate with animals and read people’s mind.  (Japanese with English subtitle)

QHHT Session -
Life in Egypt, Greece and Suicide

In this QHHT session, this client goes to his past life in Egypt and Greece. At the end of his life, he kills himself. He talks about how he was expecting before his death and how it really went after he died. He expresses his regrets and relationship with friends and family.

QHHT Session - Mars Keeper 1

In this QHHT session, this client goes to her past life in Mars and works as a Planet keeper in Mars. She is in charge of Mars and is a communicator between people in Mars and the Spaceship, which reports to Council of 8. She talks about how Mars ended and where people went after. Also She explains how she came to the earth and her purpose to be here on Earth. This consists of two parts. Please watch Mars keeper 2 as well!

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