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What to expect during the QHHT session

During your QHHT session, we will have:

  • Interview: Getting to know you

  • Check your list of questions

  • Hypnosis Induction

  • Past life exploration 1 - 3

  • Conversation with Subconscious or Higher Self starts

  • Q & A with Higher Self

  • Body Scan & Energetic Healing

  • Awakening back to regular consciousness

  • Review of your session and Q & A

  • Last about 4-6 hours

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Preparation for your QHHT session

These are the tips for you to have a great session and result!

Intention -

This is the key to have a great session. From the moment you decide to have a QHHT session, your higher self has started to prepare for the session and directing you toward the successful session. At the same time your conscious mind (Dolores calls your ego) have to be reminded that you have a clear intention to have a wonderful session. 

You are encouraged to have a small meditation and repeat the words in your mind everyday until the session day. or you can say the word loud as well. 

‘I have a clear connection to my higher self`’

‘I am directly connected to my higher self and I can communicate with it easily.’ 

Repeat this as often as you can during a day, or before falling in sleep at night. 

Create the list of questions to your higher self -

Create a list of your questions to your higher self. People usually have health/physical/mental questions or personal/life/relationship/career questions. You will hand the list to me before the session, so please write them down in the paper or type them up so that Jun can read it and ask questions to your higher self during the session.

Meditation -

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind down and creates a wonderful access to your QHHT session. If you do, have a meditation before the session and clear your mind. If not, have a nice calming ceremony you wish (like having a cup of herbal tea or taking a walk etc. ) 

Physical -

On the day or before, it is not recommended to have alcoholic or caffeinated beverages or anything stimulates you mentally or physically for your great session. Clear your day or mind as much as possible before the session.

After the session -

Session will take 4-6 hours and sometimes more. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to have an appointment or plan right after the session. It sometimes gets much longer session or you may feel a bit tired of long journey you just took. Having a session is like a long daydream trip, visiting a different dimension, time or space. It is nice to give enough time for your body and soul to fully return to this life and consciousness.  

After the session, eating some food is a great way to get grounded. Do not go to sleep right away if you feel a bit sleepy. 

From the session day, the door to the higher self is wide open and it is easier to access to your higher self for 3 days. If you have more questions or want clearer answer, you can ask your higher self during this period and get the answer by getting images, inspiration or by using any other sense. 

Also listening the recording again and again is the key to the success and it reinforces your   conscious mind effectively.   Dolores explains that this is very important for your success and you can listen everyday, weeks or even months! Some people listens it every night when they go to sleep. 

Finally, I am always interested in your story after the session, how the session affected you and your life,  what has happen to a certain thing we talked during the session etc. It is always nice if you can share your experience with me and everyone who is also curious about the experience of QHHT. Write an email and let me know!

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