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About Jun

Uncovering QHHT, she ultimately unravels the mysteries of her identity and the guiding forces that have shaped her life.

Born in a small city in Japan, Jun's fascination with the world and the mysteries beyond began in childhood. Despite a wonderful upbringing, she always sensed a subtle difference within herself—a feeling of being present, yet not fully so, prompting her to question the nature of her existence.

After completing her school years, Jun embarked on a global quest to unravel the purpose of her life. This journey took her to various countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, England, the USA, and now Sweden. Immersed in diverse cultures and values, the act of travel became a source of learning and growth, but with each lesson absorbed, she found herself propelled to a new destination. While this became a defining aspect of her life, the underlying reason remained elusive, prompting her to continue seeking answers.

The transformative moment occurred in 2009 when Jun became a mother. Faced with a shifting world, she sought something solid to believe in. A previous belief in the world as a matrix now led her to feel like an outsider looking in.

Collecting the missing pieces, she started perceiving the world in a new light, noticing synchronicities guiding her towards spiritual insights. In 2017, a friend introduced her to Dolores Cannon, and upon watching Cannon's videos, Jun felt an immediate connection, sensing that she had stumbled upon the answers she had sought for so long.

QHHT became the key to unlocking Jun's understanding of her life, her identity, and her purpose. Without external guidance, she discovered profound revelations about herself, leading her to comprehend the reasons for her detachment from others and the choices she had made. The impact of QHHT continued as Jun's subconscious mind opened, revealing a flood of information. Memories from her early years and even pre-Earth existence resurfaced, creating a cohesive narrative within her, offering profound insights into the tapestry of her life.

Holding the certification of a QHHT Level 2 practitioner, Jun is fervently dedicated to assisting individuals in uncovering their life purpose, pursuing their dreams, and embracing a fulfilling life devoid of ailments, depression, or confusion. She believes that QHHT serves as a remarkable tool to identify and address traumas, decipher the obstacles hindering personal growth, and tap into the latent potential within oneself. In some cases, it proves instrumental in unveiling hidden karmic influences unknown to the individual.
Jun contends that connecting with the higher self or subconscious through QHHT is a potent means of rediscovering one's true identity and shedding unnecessary emotional baggage. Accessing the superconscious level, she asserts, is a powerful and relatively straightforward approach to effecting transformative change in one's life.

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