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About Jun

I never knew until I had my own QHHT session that I was one of the volunteers Dolores talked about in her book.

Born in a small city in Japan, my fascination with the world and the mysteries beyond began in childhood. I was curious about everything, wanting to try everything to find out what it was like. I did not know where this curious mind came from, as my two sisters were very different from me. Somehow, I knew that life was all about experience; I felt it deep within me.

After completing my school years, I started to explore the world beyond Japan. This journey took me to various countries around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, England, the USA, and now Sweden. Immersed in diverse cultures and values, traveling became a source of learning and growth. However, with each lesson absorbed, I found myself propelled toward a new destination. I didn't even question this new routine until I hit rock bottom in my mid-30s.

At that time, I had just ended a long-term relationship and was living overseas alone. The job I had at the time didn't bring me joy or a sense of purpose. My family wasn't around, and I hadn't started my own family yet. I felt completely lost and couldn't see a future. I lost over 20 pounds during that period, and my life felt meaningless.

This pushed me to search for something more. I didn't know what to look for, but I wanted to find the answer to my life's purpose. I read many books about life and beyond, delving into philosophical and mystical subjects such as Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, Abraham, or Jane Roberts' Seth. I was eager to find an answer for my existence and reason to be here.

In 2017, Dolores Cannon entered my life. Watching her videos, I felt an immediate connection, sensing that she had stumbled upon the answers I had been seeking for a long time.

QHHT became the key to unlocking my understanding of my life, identity, and purpose. Without external guidance, I discovered myself, leading me to comprehend the reasons for my detachment from others and the choices I had made. The impact of QHHT continued as my subconscious mind opened, revealing a flood of information. Memories from my early years and even pre-Earth existence resurfaced, creating a cohesive narrative within me and offering profound insights into the tapestry of my life.

Currently, I am working on my Level 3 (the most advanced honorable level in the world!) as a QHHT practitioner. I dedicate my daily life, just as Dolores once did, to helping individuals discover their purpose in life, pursue their dreams, and enjoy a fulfilling life free from mental or physical symptoms and unbalanced life situations. Every session brings me joy and surprises. We never know what will come out, but I know for sure that every client gains something important for them and experiences magical healing if the timing is appropriate. The divine source coordinates the best time for everyone.

I live in Malmö, Sweden, just a bridge away from the beautiful waterfront city of Copenhagen, Denmark. My location is only a half-hour away from Copenhagen International Airport. Malmö is the third-biggest city in Sweden, and it has been gaining popularity among young people recently.


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