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About Jun

Discovering QHHT, finally she finds out who she is and what her life purpose is.

Jun was born in a small city in Japan, and ever since she was a child, she was fascinated by the world and beyond. She loved looking at the sky and thought something more must be out there. She had a wonderful childhood, but she always felt a bit different from others and wondered why her life was like that. 

After school years, she started to travel to search for the reason to be here. 

During her soul search, she lived many countries such as NZ, Australia, Fiji, England and the USA, now in Sweden. She has traveled all over the world, seen different people, cultures and values. Traveling made her realize a lot of things, but still that did not answer the question of who she was. 

Having a child in 2009 changed her forever. She began to collect the missing pieces and see the different things she never noticed before. 

Once she started to see things differently, synchronicity began to happen to her. When she went to a library or a bookstore, spiritual books came into her eyes. When she was online, movies of spirituality were on.  One day in 2017, her friend introduced her to Dolores Cannon. As soon as she watched the videos of Dolores Cannon, she connected with her instantly. She knew immidiately that she found something she had been looking for a long time in her life. 

QHHT helped Jun tremendously to understand her life, who she is, why she was feeling detached from others, why she does what she does and her life purpose. Her findings have been remarkable and she understands the reason to be here now. 

Certified as a QHHT Level 2 practitioner, Jun is passionate about helping you to discover your life purpose, pursue your dreams and enjoy your life fully without getting sick, depressed or confused. She thinks past life regression is a great way to find your trauma, what is holding you back or to explain the potential power within yourselves. Sometimes it can help find karma you do not even know. Reaching out to your higher Self or Subconscious is a powerful way to reconnect to your true self and it often takes away unnecessary emotional baggage. Accessing to the super conscious level is the powerful and actually one of the easiest way to change your life if you allow to do so. Jun is here to share her knowledge and techniques with you to change your life and expand your possibilities.

**Jun is not a medical professional and does not give any medical advice or recommendations.

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